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Microsoft: The End is Coming

With 2020 being around the corner, it is important to mindful of the vast wave of Microsoft products which are being end of life.

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Microsoft Exchange 2019 versus Office 365 - Pros and Cons

Organizations turn to Microsoft because their product suite is able to check the boxes that IT staff, operational staff and procurement look for when making a purchase. Their server offerings, operating systems and applications make up the central core of many a business because they are known to be reliable, stable and capable for the task at hand.

Recently, Microsoft issued an end-of-life announcement that includes a number of products that a large percentage of organizations still rely on to handle day-to-day IT and end-user business functions. With a deadline of January 2020, this announcement has caught a number of organizations off guard or simply thrown businesses into a state of denial because they had not planned on upgrading or migrating away from any of the products mentioned in the announcement.

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Tips To Protect Yourself From Internal Security Threats

Cybersecurity is one of the main business concerns of the 21st century. Consumers, businesses, and employees are all driven by the internet and can access anything at any time. This 24/7 access can cause problems from external sources, such as hackers.

However, internal security threats open an organization to a breach. Here are a few tips for businesses to protect themselves from internal security threats.

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4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your IT Support Makes Sense

Many businesses in the greater Boston area have found that outsourcing their IT support makes sense. When outsourcing, an organization looks to build a trusted partnership with a managed services provider who will then work with the company to take on IT-related tasks that the company doesn’t have the resources or budget to do in house.

Of course, it’s not just Boston businesses that are turning to this model. Thousands of organizations outside of Massachusetts rely on this service as well. Take a look at four reasons why outsourcing your IT support makes sense:

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How to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365

While moving to Office 365 can be a transformative experience in terms of productivity, collaboration, and mobility for your business and its workforce, the migration process must come first. Deciding how to handle the overall migration process can be a significant undertaking that includes dealing with domain names and Active Directory, group and user identification, and migration methods. The primary challenge is the process of how to migrate public folders to Office.  365.

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How Long Does it Take to Migrate to Office 365?

When organizations are contemplating an Office 365 migration, there are many questions that must be answered. Is Office 365 right for my organization? What will it cost to migrate to Office 365? How long will it take to complete the migration?

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What Is Operational Intelligence? 5 Things to Know About Splunk

According to IDC, 42 percent of all data will be machine-generated by 2020, which includes data from sensors, security systems, networks, servers, storage, and applications. Today, most of these data are an untapped potential for making decisions.

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5 Office 365 Features You Should Know

When familiar things change in their most-used applications, people tend to become upset. So when a software suite like Microsoft Office undergoes a new release, you can be sure that people are wary of changes that may cause confusion among their users. People forget that the newly added features are there to make the software more productive and easier to use. Looking at some of the new Office 365 features, you can see how these two goals were accomplished.

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How to Narrow Down the Choices for IT Support in Boston

According to the Techaisle 2015 SMB & Midmarket Cloud Adoption Study, over 40 percent of midmarket firms and nearly 1/3rd of small businesses are planning to outsource cloud migration services. 20 percent of midmarket firms are currently outsourcing mobile app development and another 31 percent are planning to outsource. In addition to cloud and mobility, midmarket firms are increasing their outsourcing for big data and analytics projects.

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Why IT Support In Boston Doesn't Need to Be as Expensive as You Think

It is costlier to run a business in the northeastern United States than it is in the Southeast or remote areas of the country. Those costs are often balanced out due to what the Northeast has to offer. With proximity to major financial companies, cities with large populations, and the business epicenter of the world, the higher prices in the Northeast are often considered the cost of doing business. One business service that doesn’t have to carry the high price tag that you may think comes along with it is IT support in the city of Boston. If you know what services you need, and you choose the right partner, you could find yourself saving money with a managed IT services provider as opposed to hiring your own staff. Here is how.

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