Did you know about the Rutter Colocation?

By Ryan Visconti | January 15, 2014

If you were unaware, Rutter Networking has a colocation at the Markley Group in Boston, MA. Located on Summer Street in downtown Boston, the Markley group Data Center is New England’s largest and longest operating data Center. The location of the Markley group allows it to be at right in the middle of all major fiber routes in New England allowing it to have unmatched performance, low latency and the lowest costs.

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1st #RNTChat -- August 22nd at 1PM -- Mobile Device Management (MDM)

By Ryan Visconti | August 5, 2013

How many ‘smart’ devices do you own? A Smart Phone? A Tablet? A Laptop? An e-reader? If you’re like most people, the answer is all of the above. As devices have become smaller, versatile, and more affordable it’s not all that uncommon for people that own these devices to use them both at home and in the workplace. However, this industry trend does not come without security ramifications, having more devices increases the need for the security and management.  A lost Smart Phone or tablet could put your personal and business data at risk and expose sensitive information to unauthorized individuals.

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MDM (Mobile Device Management)

By Ryan Visconti | July 17, 2013

Mobile device management seems ideal for any business but necessary steps that need to be taken before implementing a MDM system. Mobile Device Management or MDM is the implemented policy allowing users to access various pieces of information from a mobile device that in most instances would normally be stored on desk top or in a remote server. This could range from that users e-mail, data sheets, or other applications that the company is using on a regular basis. Currently, the most commonly used devices that are used to access this information are tablets, laptops, smart phones, mobile printers, and mobile POS devices.

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RSA Authentication Manager 8.0

By Ryan Visconti | June 26, 2013

Many companies have begun to make a shift toward a virtual environment. One of the main reasons that this is happening is the emerging effort to cut costs while still increasing efficiency. RSA’s new Authentication Manager 8.0 platform does just that, while deploying risk-based authentication along both hardware and software applications.

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Ask The Experts: Cisco UCS Blades

By Ryan Visconti | June 12, 2013

As part of Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS), they have developed UCS Blades to implement and improve overall efficiency. Many upper-level management purchase blade chassis with the realization that they will need to expand the chassis in the future, this is why the development of the Cisco UCS blades can be beneficial to any organization with this mindset. Simply put, Cisco’s UCS Blades allow you to install blades faster by allowing the blades to be installed in fewer steps than ever before.  With multiple enterprise deployments it allows customers to find the best fit for their business.

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Rutter Networking Technologies officially moved to Andover, MA!

By Ryan Visconti | June 3, 2013

Today, Rutter has made the official transition from our office on Ballardvale Street in Wilmington, MA to a new office located on High Street in beautiful downtown Andover, MA.  High Street is located right off of Route 28 in Andover Center, and is easily accessible from multiple highways. As you know, Rutter has done a substantial number of migrations for our customers and with no surprise our transition from one office to another went without flaw. We also made the transition of our COLO location, which is now located at One Summer Street in Boston. For more information about our new office location in Andover, the COLO location, or any other questions about the services we can provide please contact us rntmarketing@rutter-net.com for more information!

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By Ryan Visconti | May 30, 2013

Did you know that by 2017 it is estimated that at least 50 percent of businesses will demand that employees BYOD. BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is a policy which lets employees bring their own devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal laptops to the workplace to use. Allowing employees to bring their own laptops can be beneficial in the sense that it can save the company money while allowing employees to work with devices that they are familiar with and work with outside the workplace on a frequent basis. While familiarity and cost savings are both positive aspects of a BYOD policy, a company needs to keep in mind the security and privacy that needs to be implemented with a BYOD policy. Knowing what employees are using the company information for, what to do if an employee is fired, and what employees are doing on their devices during work hours are three main concerns that come forward when developing a BYOD policy.

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'Boston Strong'

By admin | April 19, 2013

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Welcome to the Rutter Networking Blog Site

By RNTblog | May 21, 2012

Welcome to the Rutter Networking Technologies, Inc. Blog site.

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