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Jason is a Senior Solutions Architect who has been working at Rutter Networking Technologies for the past 14 years.
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3 Reasons Your Organization Should Choose Hybrid Cloud

By Jason Pinardi | December 28, 2017

Over the past few years, no buzzword in IT has been used more frequently than the cloud. For the beginning of its lifespan, the cloud was thought to be something to approach cautiosly. There were security concerns, vendor concerns, and even questions about what it actually was.

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5 Ways to Overcome IT Security Threats

By Jason Pinardi | November 2, 2017

Cybersecurity has become a frequently used term in business these days.

Whether you hear it in the news or in a meeting, most people are aware that businesses everywhere, and every size, are being targeted by cyber criminals. Just recently companies such as Equifax, Netflix, Sonic, and Yahoo! found their names in the headlines as the latest victims. However, the smaller companies that are also victims hardly get a mention even though they account for 43 percent of all incidents, which cost them an average of $879,582 in damages.  

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5 Signs It’s Time to Virtualize Your Legacy Technology

By Jason Pinardi | October 19, 2017

Although we’ve discussed the costs of legacy technology to a business in past blog posts, it’s often only truly apparent that it’s become a major challenge for the business when seen in its totality of incidents. By taking stock of the challenges that your business faces daily, weekly, and monthly in ways that have both short-term and long-term negative consequences, it becomes easier to make decisions about the right time to move to virtualization. In that vein, here are five signs it’s time to virtualize your legacy technology.

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How Does Ransomware Work and How Can You Best Prepare for an Attack?

By Jason Pinardi | October 5, 2017

It’s hard to read the news nowadays without seeing some organization falling victim to a ransomware attack.

How does ransomware work? To put it simply: Ransomware is a form of cyber extortion. When a computer is infected, all of the files on the computer are encrypted. Instructions for how to pay the ransom, and the amount to pay, are displayed on the screen. When the victim pays up, they receive a decryption key that will unlock the files so they can access them once again.

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5 Creative Ways to Address Gaps in IT Resources and Talent

By Jason Pinardi | September 28, 2017

In a recent Indeed survey of more than 1,000 hiring managers and recruiters, more than half (53 percent) of respondents have hired tech talent despite candidates not meeting the job description requirements. That may be a good thing for businesses in need of IT resources to fill gaps in their talent pool. While that alludes to the fact that businesses are working hard to meet their needs for IT talent in what must be creative ways, here are five of those ways that businesses can employ to fill the gaps in IT resources and talent.

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The Dreaded Data Breach: 3 Data Security Tips for Boston SMBs

By Jason Pinardi | July 20, 2017

Last year, government agencies and businesses in the United States suffered losses from 1,093 reported data breaches. That number is likely higher due to the fact that these attacks are rarely spotted for months after the initial attack takes place. As Eva Casey Velasquez, chief executive officer of the Identity Theft Resource Center puts it, “this [number] is the best-case scenario.”

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A Brief Guide to Using PowerShell in an Office 365 Migration

By Jason Pinardi | April 13, 2017

PowerShell is a powerful tool for administrators in an Office 365 migration, as it can simplify the process in many ways. This automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server that allows you to simplify the management of your systems harnesses the power of .NET Framework. Because there are numerous nuanced aspects to migration, it's beneficial to have a guide to using PowerShell that briefly explores the staged migration process.

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Why You Need Managed Services for Your AWS Deployment

By Jason Pinardi | April 4, 2017

As Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance options increase, selection, deployment, and management of the right solutions become more complex for businesses. The reality of that challenge is reflected in the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Survey, which indicates a lack of resources and expertise is still the number one challenge for businesses. Due to limited time, in-house IT team expertise, and personnel, businesses are increasingly looking to managed services partners to supplement their team and provide end-to-end assistance for AWS deployment.

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How to Gain Organizational Buy-In for an Office 365 Migration

By Jason Pinardi | March 9, 2017

According to a recent Office 365 Adoption & Risk Report, Office 365 has eclipsed all other cloud providers to emerge as the most widely used enterprise cloud service by user count. The report from Campbell, California–based cloud security firm Skyhigh Networks analyzed some 27 million employees across countless businesses to deliver the statistic. Despite that result, moving from on-premises Office services to their cloud equivalents can be easily misunderstood at all levels of an organization without the proper communication.

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How to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365

By Jason Pinardi | January 19, 2017

While moving to Office 365 can be a transformative experience in terms of productivity, collaboration, and mobility for your business and its workforce, the migration process must come first. Deciding how to handle the overall migration process can be a significant undertaking that includes dealing with domain names and Active Directory, group and user identification, and migration methods. The primary challenge is the process of how to migrate public folders to Office.  365.

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