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3 Ways Boston Small Business Benefits from a Network Security Plan

There was a time when it took small businesses a great deal of convincing that they needed to take network security seriously. Today, thinking about security is critical for all Boston businesses, regardless of size. The data behind this speaks for itself—Small Business Trends reports that:

  • 43 percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses.
  • 60 percent of companies go out of business six months after a successful attack.
  • 48 percent of data breaches occur as the result of malicious intent; the remainder is due to human error or system failure. 
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Are You Getting the Most out of Your F5 BIG-IP?

When it comes to F5 BIG-IP and specifically F5 LTM products it can be easy to think of them as a mechanism for load balancing traffic and nothing more. What can be overlooked is that these devices are highly intelligent and offer a diverse range of ways with which you can optimize your traffic and further protect your network.

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5 Key Advantages Networking Security Can Bring to Your Boston Business

When the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million dollars, you can be assured that businesses take notice. This number alone should be enough to convince anyone to take networking security seriously. However, cost savings and an untarnished reputation aren’t the only advantages that networking security brings to your business.

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5 Criteria for Choosing an Operational Intelligence Platform

In a recent HFS/Accenture Study of 460 enterprise operational executives from across the globe, 96 percent of respondents said predictive decisions based on real-time data are the biggest drivers impacting business. This sample is a clear indication of the impact of operational intelligence in a data-driven world.

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