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Trusted Microsoft Services

Rutter Networking Microsoft solutions help our clients leverage Microsoft's technology stack effectively while offloading the responsibility of managing and maintaining the infrastructure to Rutter's Microsoft team.

By opting for managed Microsoft solutions, organizations can benefit from the expertise and experience of Rutters Microsoft Engineering team to help reduce the burden on internal IT teams and ensure their Microsoft technology stack is properly maintained, secured, and optimized. 

Microsoft Services Include Azure, Databases, Design and Architecture, Managed Services, Migration Services, Networking, Office 365, Storage, & Virtualization

Rutter Messaging Systems and Enterprise Directory Services Reduce Costs for New England Companies

How We Help

Rutter's Managed and Co-Managed Microsoft solutions include:

Managed Azure: The management of Microsoft Azure cloud services, including infrastructure provisioning, monitoring, security, backups, and optimization. Rutter ensures the Azure environment is properly configured and maintained to meet the customer's requirements.

Managed Office 365: The management and support of Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams. Rutters Microsoft team assists with administration, user management, troubleshooting, security, and training to enhance productivity and collaboration within the organization.

Managed Windows Server: The management and maintenance of Windows Server infrastructure, including installation, configuration, security patching, performance monitoring, and backup management. Our team ensures the server environment is stable, secure, and optimized for business operations.

Managed Active Directory: This involves the management of Microsoft Active Directory services, which are used for user authentication, authorization, and centralized management of resources within a network. Service providers handle user provisioning, group policies, security monitoring, and domain controller management.

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