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Stephen Brown is one of the founding partners of Rutter and has been with the company since its inception. His responsibilities include lead technical consulting to customers in the areas of design, installation and support of Perimeter Security systems, Infrastructure Hardware, Intrusion Detection Systems and VPN's. Steve's primary responsibilities also involve the day to day operations of the company including corporate finances. He has been in the consulting/IT industry since 1990 and maintains multiple technology certifications. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Massachusetts - Lowell.
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Managed IT Services in Boston: Secrets to Vetting Potential Partners

No one should be surprised that when systems go down, businesses lose money. What might be surprising is just how much money is lost because of downtime. According to Forbes, businesses averaged a loss of $100,000 for one hour of downtime in 2017. A small business in the Boston area may not lose numbers like that, but any amount of loss could have devastating effects. For this reason alone, many small to medium-sized businesses turn to managed IT services. Managed service providers (MSPs) provide your business with a talented and experienced team of IT professionals who offer around-the-clock coverage to help prevent system outages from causing your business to lose money.

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3 Tips for Finding the Best Boston Managed Backup Services

In 2017, The Economist made the statement that data had surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource. This statement came 11 years after mathematician Clive Humbly said, “Data is the new oil,” and echoed others who have also made comparisons to show just how important and valuable a company’s data is. 

Data loss can cost a business operational downtime, lost sales, and unexpected expenses to get the data back. Many data loss incidents are the result of cyberattacks, which can expose your business to other vulnerabilities. 

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Existing IT Budget

According to Spiceworks’ 2019 State of IT Report, 58 percent of companies that were surveyed expect to increase their IT budget from last year. An additional 27 percent expect no change in their budget, and only 7 percent expect the amount they have to spend this year to decrease. 

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5 Benefits to Using a Cloud Storage Services

More organizations are realizing the benefits of using cloud storage services for their data. The embrace of cloud storage for data is so dramatic that in the most recent Cisco Global Cloud Index, it was predicted that by 2021, cloud data centers will process 94 percent of all workloads.

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Reducing Management Overhead with a Managed Services Provider

In the past, a small or midsize business (SMB) typically relied on a small IT staff to handle all of their company’s technology needs. This team, sometimes comprised of only one person, would manage servers, install software, manage desktops, handle security, ensure peripherals were all working, and make sure that any other technology was working properly.

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3 Ways Boston Small Business Benefits from a Network Security Plan

There was a time when it took small businesses a great deal of convincing that they needed to take network security seriously. Today, thinking about security is critical for all Boston businesses, regardless of size. The data behind this speaks for itself—Small Business Trends reports that:

  • 43 percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses.
  • 60 percent of companies go out of business six months after a successful attack.
  • 48 percent of data breaches occur as the result of malicious intent; the remainder is due to human error or system failure. 
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Is AWS Right for My Small or Midsize Business?

According to TechGenix, it is estimated that 78 percent of all small businesses will adopt cloud technologies by the year 2020. This estimation makes sense when you consider the cost savings that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find after they move to the cloud. As the popularity of cloud computing with SMBs grows, so does the interest in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud provider. This is expected as AWS remains the dominant force in the market, even when compared to heavyweights like Microsoft and Google.

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5 Key Advantages Networking Security Can Bring to Your Boston Business

When the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million dollars, you can be assured that businesses take notice. This number alone should be enough to convince anyone to take networking security seriously. However, cost savings and an untarnished reputation aren’t the only advantages that networking security brings to your business.

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Tips for Setting up Your AWS Security

There was a time when both business leaders and IT leaders avoided the cloud, citing security as one of their top reasons to keep data, applications, and infrastructure out of the cloud and on-premises. Although this line of thinking was relatively recent, it is a myth that has since been dispelled. Cloud providers such as Amazon bring highly talented, security-focused people to their teams to help businesses better secure things on their side. 

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Network Reliability Issues in Boston? These IT Services Can Help

Any project your IT staff implements, whether it involves computer networks, cloud services, or mobile capabilities, is done with the sole purpose of helping drive business goals forward. Well-thought-out projects that undergo proper planning often do just that. One area that has the capability to completely disrupt the technology that many businesses rely on is network reliability. Network reliability issues cause things to run slowly because of latency, or even result in complete downtime during which no business can be completed. When people aren’t able to work, your company loses money.

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