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Recent Posts by Scott Whittier

Scott is the Technology Manager for Management and Monitoring Solutions at Rutter Networking Technologies.
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Desktop Analytics: Modernizing Windows 10 Updates

What is Desktop Analytics?

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Windows Autopilot: Modern Device Management for the Hybrid Workplace

What happened?

How did we get here? A littl e more than a year ago, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people in the workforce were asked to start working from their home offices. Some went home with an assigned corporate laptop, but a lot went with whatever system could be found – lab machines, hastily repaired systems, and tech closet castoffs. Now, a lot of those users are continuing to work from home, even as companies start to reopen. This is part of a trend towards the hybrid workplace which was already under way pre-COVID but was accelerated by the pandemic. Windows Autopilot addresses this trend to make the process easier.

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Streamlining Windows Updates with SCCM

As I sat down to write this article news broke of yet another major flaw affecting Windows systems. This time it’s a remote code execution vulnerability in Remote Desktop that could be exploited by a hacker via a worm making this a particularly dangerous flaw—view the details of this vulnerability. So it’s time to get patched!

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We need Log Management!

Yes, you heard that right, the boss said, “We need Log Management!” And he’s right but what does he mean? Isn’t that the horribly complex software that is only needed by huge corporations? And why is he saying it now? Did something happen?

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Splunk: Managing and Monitoring in the Cloud vs On-Premise

As data with enterprises and in the cloud grows exponentially, organizations continue to look for ways to harness it and glean diverse insights to help meet business goals. While there are numerous tools for managing and monitoring data, few can provide a universal approach across all data sources, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Is Your SolarWinds Shelfware?

The definition of “shelfware” from TechTarget:

“Slang for software that a company buys because of a perceived need or demand but never uses; hence, it sits on the shelf.”

This definition should be expanded to include software that was purchased for a legitimate need, implemented to serve that need, and then allowed to stagnate until it’s no longer used or useful. There are many reasons why this stagnation happens:

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4 Security Risks of Shadow IT

According to Gartner’s Top 10 Cloud Security Predictions, by the year 2020, a third of all successful attacks on businesses will be against their shadow IT resources. Businesses can no longer ignore the risks of shadow IT and must take preventative steps against it.

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Preventing Malware: WSUS vs. SCCM

The Microsoft Windows Security Blog recently made it clear that WannaCrypt ransomware was leaving systems vulnerable to infiltration because of poor patch management. Despite this often-repeated truth, far too many organizations are still leaving vulnerabilities that fall short of preventing malware.

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