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Viruses and Malware: Why Check Point?



While many companies claim to have the best next-generation products that can protect your company from harmful bots and malware there is only one that actually does it all, Check Point. Check Point’s threat prevention solution has three parts to it that can keep you protected at all times. As you may know, a bot is malicious software that invades your computer. Once it is on your computer it can be controlled remotely by cyber-criminals whom will most likely attack your infrastructure to spread spam and malware, steal your data, and execute Denial of Service (DOS) attacks without you even knowing. While this is major concern for all, luckily Check Point has developed a best-of-breed solution that has you covered.

With the combination of Check Point’s anti-bot and antivirus software blades powered by ThreatCloud, it allows you to be the manager from one centrally managed user friendly console. One of the differentiators that ThreatCloud has is that it is the first collaborative network to fight cybercrime that feeds security gateway software blades with real-time security intelligence. This real-time security intelligence can be updated up to the minute which is great when trying to prevent an attack since, ‘66% of infections are not discovered for months or even years’ (Verizon 2013). Check Point goes on to say, “Our solution is the “only” system on the market that can STOP/Prevent infection (when deployed inline) including the very “first” instance of the attack. It has also shown itself to be faster and to correctly identify more threats than the current market leader when both are inspecting the same network feed.” Essentially Check Point has created a product that is fast, efficient, and easy to you. ThreatCloud allows you to easily investigate infections, assess damage and decide on next steps with extensive forensics tools in a quick timely manner. Having your company protected from malware and virus is good, but having it protected with the best threat prevention solution is even better, and this is what Check Point will provide. If you would like to learn more about any Check Point solution or how Rutter can help assist in providing and implementing these solutions please contact rntmarketing@rutter-net.com