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How Cisco's Unified Computing System is Changing IT Business


Today, more than 70 percent of IT budget is spent simply to maintain and manage existing infrastructure (Forrester Research). The result: IT organizations must continually increase resources to maintain a complex and inflexible infrastructure versus using them to rapidly and effectively respond to business needs.

IT organizations are looking for ways to substantially decrease cost of ownership while increasing IT business value. The Cisco Unified Computing System helps address these challenges by streamlining data center resources, scaling service delivery, and radically reducing the number of devices requiring setup, management, power/cooling, and cabling.

Rutter Networking has been given the opportunity to promote, sell, and install Cisco's UCS into companies that recognize the value of this new system.  

UCS Benefits:

- Bridge the Divide Between IT and Business Needs

- Separate Scale From Complexity

- Simplified Management

- Industry Recognition

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The Total Economic Impact of the Cisco UCS by Forrester Research

Three Year Benefit Breakdown:

ROI = 177%

Payback Period = 4 months

Network Port Switch Cost Avoidance - $703,462                        

Reduction in ongoing Administrative efforts - $307,076         (50% Reduction)

Refresh Cost Avoidance - $185,663

Electric Curcuit Cost Avoidance - $42,764

Power & Cooling Savings - $38,994                                                     

Data Center Space Cost Savings - $38,994

End-user Productivity Savings - $28,076

Forrester Consulting Report


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