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Is Your Business Ready For Cloud Backup Services?


For some, the thought of backing up their data into the cloud wouldn't even get a second thought. This is mainly because of their perceptions of the ‘cloud’ and the security concerns that come along with it. Many people don’t realize that utilizing the cloud can be more cost effective, and in many cases it will even be more secure. There are different variations of cloud solutions such as hosted or hybrid solutions.

As mentioned before, whether or not the ‘cloud’ is secure is a main concern for both consumers and businesses. Putting your information into this cloud where you don’t know where it physically resides, what it consists of, or who is monitoring means it must have more security and issues than just storing it directly on site, right? Wrong, popular to contrary belief the cloud in many instances is even more secure than hosting your information onsite.

Take the cloud services that Rutter provides to our customers as an example. We can provide our customers with some of the most secure, reliable, and cost effective cloud solutions. Whether you want a hybrid model: where you would keep some of your information on premise and some in the cloud, or a fully hosted cloud solution where all your information would be hosted at the Rutter colocation at the Markley Group in downtown Boston…we have you covered!

Interested in more information on how you could have a secure and properly managed cloud solution that is cost effective for your business? Contact rntmarketing@rutter-net.com for more information!