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VDI is the Optimal Remote Work Solution for Data Intensive Applications

You want to run the instance that’s at the office, and with a VDI solution crafted by Rutter, your employees can do just that. The CPU is actually at the office close to the data, so with our solution, there's no lag for the data that is needed from home.

For max control, top-notch resiliency and superior efficiency, explore a VDI solution and the power it can give to your organization.

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Our VDI Solutions

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Simplicity and Resilience

It's all about an A+ end-user experience. Ensure smooth operations continue through upgrades, refreshes, or failures.


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Critical Control

You control the user’s experience (vs. limited control at home) surrounding the application and security. All you pass in is keyboard/video to user.

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World-Class Vendors

Top-notch solutions start with industry-leading products from VMWare and Microsoft. Our team of experts builds personalized solutions.

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How We Help with VDI

Our VDI provides:

  • Personalized solution backed by industry-leading products
  • Easy-to-digest visualization of ROI
  • Simple and resilient solutions
  • Critical control for your organization's leaders

Drawing on our strong network of trusted partners, we combine the most reliable technologies and services for your one-of-a-kind solution.

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