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In today’s complex business environment, companies are embracing digital solutions to remain competitive and improve top-and-bottom-line performances.

Optimized processes and customer experiences hinge on leveraging new technologies, though equally important are robust cybersecurity strategies that protect data and data access. To combat these growing threats while keeping costs in check, businesses are increasingly turning to sophisticated technology partners with innovative information security solutions. However, the quest to transform businesses to the cloud and the need to improve security have complicated the journey with stacks of cybersecurity solutions increasing user friction and costs. CrowdStrike’s Falcon Zero Trust is addressing the Zero Trust security with a Zero Friction solution. The Falcon Zero Trust enables enterprises to accelerate digital transformation by securing workforce identities. The primary return on investment (ROI) gained from using the Falcon Zero Trust is through cost savings (e.g., licenses, hardware, software and tools); lowering solution deployment or analyst time overhead; and savings from limiting the number of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees in the buyer’s core use cases.

*Whitepaper was written by Frost & Sullivan.



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