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Rutter Attends Massachusetts Digital Government Summit


Recently, Rutter Networking Technologies, Inc was in attendance for the annual Digital Summit, held on October 13-14 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Rutter Networking presented solutions and offerings pertaining to government IT executives.  Rutter has over 10 years of experience working with a vast number of Massachusetts agencies, Cities & Towns and educational customers delivering our  core services and solutions ( Virtualization & Storage, Monitoring & Management, Directory & Messaging, Security Solutions and Network & Infrastructure Solutions). 

The conference was graced by the presence of over 200 Massachusetts State and Local Government IT executives, along with hundreds of participants from all over the state. The Summit approached strategies on company management and the use of IT for the Government within today's digital Age.  Three of the main speakers at the conference were Steve Uzzell, Raj Kapur and Jack Mortimer.

Steve Uzzell, a renowned National Geographic photographer, talked about his philosophies on the importance of preparation and keeping an open mind, allowing people to find solutions when they may least expect it. Throughout his presentation, he used photos to illustrate his perspectives on management and encourage the participants to take advantage of their experiences.  Raj Kapur, Executive VP of  the Center for Project Management, spoke upon the Seven Deadly Sins that managers may run into. Today's society is rapidly changing and filled with expectations, commitments and responsibilities that are often overwhelming. His speech was not only to inform about these sins, but to give the audience solutions these situations; along with the chance to assess their current position as a manager. Jack Mortimer, Government Technology Magazine, spoke about the "New Revolution" based on recent research and predictions for the future of IT within the workplace.