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In Depth VMware Monitoring In SCOM with nworks 5.7


Veeam has recently released Version 5.7 of the nworks Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), expanding Rutter's Monitoring & Management competency.  With the new version, nworks now supports VMware ESXi 5.0 and VMware vCenter Server 5.0.

Advanced metrics – The new version of nworks monitors more than 160 metrics and 500 events to help administrators manage even the most complex vSphere environments.  Veeam nworks also includes unique derived metrics to extend the standard metrics available from the vSphere web services SDK.  Derived nworks metrics correlate a number of raw metrics to provide highly relevant measures of vSphere performance, capacity and utilization. The latest unique nworks metric is the new DiskPressure measure that analyzes storage configuration and warns of over allocation, enabling administrators to pro-actively monitor and control storage over-commitment.

Improved scalability – Veeam nworks 5.7 introduces further enhancements to scalability with new cluster splitting capabilities.  Multiple nworks collectors can be configured to monitor the largest ESX clusters, such as a cluster hosting thousands of virtual desktops.  Cluster splitting is seamless to the end-user in the Operations Manager console, provides both detailed monitoring granularity and a cohesive view of the entire cluster, and requires no modification of the cluster configuration in vCenter Server.

Enhanced reporting – The nworks MP leverages the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager’s data warehouse to provide more than 25 new and rewritten out-of-the-box reports, including a new report on oversized virtual machines (VMs) that helps administrators manage CPU and memory allocations. The nworks MP also offers more than 20 new views and dashboards for host storage, host networking, datastore provisioning, hardware and more.

Version 5.7 of Veeam nworks includes several other changes and enhancements:

  • Hardware monitoring: Veeam nworks now gathers hardware data directly from ESXi hosts using the CIM-XML protocol. The new method for hardware data collection ensures improved visibility, exposing more sensors, and also reduces overhead on vCenter.
  • Segmented monitoring and topology for datastores: Now it is possible to segment datastores to apply different monitors and forward messages to different nodes for the datastores.
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