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How to Share Legacy NETLOGON with New Domain Controllers


An interesting problem came up after a migration where the customer did not want to copy all the data from the old domain’s NETLOGON share into the new company’s Domain Controllers. However, there were several batch files and VB scripts referencing the old Domain Controller and NETLOGON path. We had to come up with a solution to allow the old files to execute properly. (There was a long term plan to migrate all this information to Group Policy objects, but that is months away.)

What we did was to create a new simple SMB share simply named NETLOGON on the former Domain Controller which had been demoted via dcpromo, and joined to the target domain. We gave EVERYONE read access to the share; all the existing files were available and ready for execution. If necessary, we could have created a CNAME record to point to the old server name, but since we kept it around, this was not needed.

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