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Amazon Web Services Deployment Guide: Building a Check Point / AWS Lab Environment

A recent study by IDC indicated that that most customers can be more secure in Amazon Web Services (AWS) than their on-premises environment. Considering that the topic of “securing the cloud” is a point of contention for many in IT, you may find yourself asking how this is possible.

When deployed properly AWS can provide businesses with the security and reliability they need in today’s rapidly changing technological environments. Download this new deployment guide to discover how to harness the power of the cloud and secure your data with AWS and Check Point. This guide walks you through:

  • How to choose the right licensing model
  • Machine sizing considerations
  • Elastic IP address concepts and allocation
  • VPC routing and configuration
  • Public and private key generation
  • Network interface creation
  • Login procedures for Check Point WebUI
  • Console access procedures
  • How to avoid costly mistakes

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