Why your company needs a BYOD policy


Nowadays, the features and capabilities of Mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets seem limitless. With the new technologies that these devices have produced you can now access work files, documents, projects that you never could before.   “67% of people use personal devices at work, regardless of the office’s official BYOD policy.” If you are going to allow your employees to use their devices at work and for internal data knowing who has access to what, and what they are doing on their devices is crucial, this could be why your company needs a BYOD policy in place!

Having no BYOD policy can pose a few problems. The first is the toll it will take on your network. Not knowing what type of devices, how many, or what these devices are doing can impact the speed and connectivity. For example, if you have individuals on your network with tablets and they decide to stream video throughout the day this could be slowing down your network and you wouldn’t even realize it. Knowing who is accessing what and how they are accessing while also having control over these devices is a key part to a well thought-out BYOD policy.

A second problem not having a BYOD policy could pose is the security and protection of your intellectual data. Not knowing who is accessing specific files and information could be detrimental to a business simply because someone could secure this intellectual data, take it off the network and proceed to bring it elsewhere without you even realizing.

The risks that you could possibly face with no BYOD policy in place can easily be taken care of with a properly planned and thought-out solution. There are many contributing factors and guidelines that need to be accounted for, and with the expertise of the engineers here at Rutter we can help provide you with the best fit solution for your environment. Please contact rntmarketing@rutter-net.com for more details!